Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Reference values and samples Modification

Test code: 1926

Effective update from 16/03/16


Sample: serum (1 mL)
Note: Separate serum in a separate tube just for the determination of bicarbonate.

Normal range: 22-29 mmol/L

Sample: serum (1 mL) or heparinized plasma (1 mL)
Note: Separate serum or plasma from the cells immediately to reduce hemolysis to a minimum.

Normal range:
Neonates           : 17 to 24 mmol/L
Infants            : 19 to 24 mmol/L
2 months to 2 years: 16 to 24 mmol/L
Adults             : 21 to 31 mmol/L       

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