Friday, March 24, 2017

Cocaine confirmation (with chromatogram), urine

Reference values  Modification

Test code: 5254

Effective update from 24/03/2017


      Negative: Less than 150 ng/mL of Benzoilecgonine. (WDTS 2011 (European Workplace Drug Testing Society).
      *LOD: 10 ng/mL of Benzoilecgonine.


Cut-off: 25 ng/mL
Measuring uncertainty: 5 ng/mL


Cut-off: 25 ng/mL
Measuring uncertainty: 5 ng/mL

In the received sample all of the indicated substances have been analyzed. The following positivity criterion has been used: when the concentration of the substances is over or equal the cut-off value plus the value of test uncertainty, the result is Positive. In opposite case the result is Negative. The laboratory has a measurement uncertainty across the entire working range. 

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