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Gastrin Stimulation (20') - RIA, serum

Description, Reference values, Units, Method and Delivery time Modification

Test code: 931

Effective update from 29/01/2018



Gastrin Stimulation (20') - RIA, serum 

      PROTEIC DIET: 180 gr of beef without fats
      Response: Increasing 2 times as minimum
      CALCIUM GLUCONATE : 15 mg calcium/Kg during 3 hours
      Response : Increased Less than double
      GLYCOCOLA : 240 mL al 2 % orally
      SODIUM BICARBONATE: 240 mL 2% orally.
      Response : Double increasing of basal level

      BASAL SAMPLE: 11 - 54 pmol/L

Delivery term: 2 days
Gastrin Stimulation (20'), serum 

PROTEIC DIET: 180 gr of beef without fats
Samples: Basal, 30, 60 min.   
Response: Increasing at least 2 times basal value.

CALCIUM GLUCONATE PERFUSION: 15 mg Ca/Kg during 3 hours
Samples: Basal y 3 hours.
Response: Increasing less than double

GLYCOCOLA : 240 mL 2 % orally
Samples: Basal, 30, 60 min.

Secretina Test:

The Secretina test consists of the determination of 4342-GASTRINE, SERUM every 5 minutes during a period of half an hour, after the administration of 2 units of secretin per kg of weight intravenously. In patients without a gastrinoma, a decrease in the baseline gastrin levels occurs after the stimulus or they do not change. On the other hand, in patients with a tumor, there is an increase of more than 200 pg / ml over the baseline gastrin levels, a rise of 2 times over the baseline is also positive.

SODIUM BICARBONATE: 240 mL 2% orally.
Samples : Basal, 30, 60 min.
Response: Double increasing basal value.

BASAL SAMPLE: 13 - 115 pg/mL       

Delivery term: 1 day              

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