Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Reference values Modification

Test code: 1932

Effective update from 13/09/2018


Evaluation: Therapeutic zone (3 hours post-administration): 1-2 mg/L.
Calculation of the inactivation index (I):
I= (C + 0,6) / D 
C: Concentration at the third hour expressed in mg/L. 
D: Administered dose expressed in mg/kg. 
- If I:<0,50..... phenotype of rapid acetylation. 
- If I:>0,60..... phenotype of slow acetylation. 
The acetylation velocity of a patient can change. It is advisable to repeat the test in plasma the third hour during treatment.        
      * Fonte: Bula do fabricante

    Toxicity: higher than 20 mcg/mL

    At 5-6 hours after oral administration

Dose (mg/Kg)  Slow acetylator     Fast acetylator
   4              2,6 - 3,0         less than 1,2
   10           higher than 3,0     less than 2,0
   15             7,8 - 12,0          2,5 - 4,9 

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