Friday, August 23, 2019


Reference values Modification

Test code: 3831

Effective update from 26/08/2019


 Protoporphyrin whole blood: Less than 150 µg/dL
 Plasma fluorescence: Negative
 Total porphyrin: Less than 50 nmol/L

We suggest to send EDTA whole blood and plasma EDTA refrigerated.
Sample protected from light.

When there is a risk of possible hemolysis of the EDTA blood sample during transport or if the refrigerated blood is exceeded within 48 hours, it is recommended to separate the plasma from the cellular elements (erythrocytes, etc.): it must be sent an aliquot with the plasma and another with the cellular elements. The separation must be carried out with care to avoid hemolysis or the mixing of cellular elements with the plasma. The laboratory should receive two aliquots one with the plasma and another with the sediment (cellular elements: erythrocytes, etc.), both should be sent frozen (stability 14 days).
      Version of Test: 10

 Protoporphyrin whole blood: Less than 2.5 µmol/LH*
 Plasma fluorescence: Negative
 Total porphyrin: Less than 50 nmol/L
*Protoporphyrin units in blood at micromol/liter red blood cells (μmol/LH, less than 2.5), according to the recommendations of the EPNET European Porphyria Network. 

 Recommended sample for national shipments less than 48 hours from collection:

· 1 Whole blood EDTA tube (5 mL) Refrigerated
Stability: 48 hours (send sample protected from light).

Recommended sample for trasnoceanic and national shipments greater than 48 hours from collection:

Extraction 1 tube of Whole Blood EDTA 5 mL. Centrifuge and send plasma and the cellular fraction in different aliquots (perform the separation carefully to avoid hemolysis and to mix cellular elements into the plasma)

· 1 Frozen plasma EDTA aliquot
· 1 Frozen cell fraction aliquot
Stability: 14 days (send samples protected from light).        
      Version of Test: 11

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