Monday, October 21, 2019

Paternity (prenatal), screening, chorionic villus /amniotic fluid

Description, sample Modification

Test code: 5003

Effective update from 23/10/2019


Paternity (prenatal), screening, chorionic villus /amniotic fluid    
Chorionic villus /amniotic fluid    

Paternity (prenatal), screening, biological sample   

To perform the prenatal paternity test are required the following samples(in different requests):

Prenatal sample: chorionic billus / amniotic fluid (register test 5003)
Sample of the alleged father: Whole EDTA / dry swab (register test 5003)
[Sample of the mother: Whole EDTA blood / dry swab (register test 5002)].

   Find the record of the test by clicking here

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