Wednesday, December 16, 2020

EarlyCDT-Lung (Early Detection of Lung Cancer)

New Test in NOÛS Catalog

Test Code: 8677

Serum (1 ml)
Enzyme Immunoassay
Set Up Days:
Delivery term:
20 days
EarlyCDT-Lung is a blood test that allows detect the presence of autoantibodies associated with lung cancer up to 4 years before diagnosis. It is a highly specific test for cancer detection lung, which makes the test complementary to high sensitivity, but little specificity of CT. The autoantibody panel that analyzes EarlyCDT— Lung recognizes 7 tumor antigens (CAGE, GBU4-5, HuD, MAGE A4, NY-ESO-1, p53 and SOX-2) and their levels are determined by ELISA techniques in blood serum samples.

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