Thursday, June 17, 2021

NOTICE: Hereditary Colon Cancer studies update - Erased test COLONPLUS

Dear collaborators,


Due to the recent publication of the Hereditary Colon Cancer guidelines by the NCCN (May 2021), its review has been carried out, together with the SEOM guidelines and recent medical literature on this topic. As a result, we have updated the study aimed at Hereditary Colon Cancer, with the following proposal:

ü    Hereditary Polyposic Colon Panel (Test Code: 8175).

Genes included: APC (MLPA), AXIN2, BMPR1A, GREM1, MUTYH, POLD1, POLE, PTEN, RNF43, SMAD4, STK11. Panel NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) + 1 MLPA


ü    Hereditary Non-Polyposic Colon Panel (Test Code: 8174).

Genes include EPCAM (MLPA), MLH1 (MLPA), MSH2 (MLPA), MSH6 (MLPA), PMS2 (MLPA). Panel NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) + 5 MLPA

ü    Complete Colon Panel (Test Code: 8406).

Genes included: APC (MLPA), AXIN2, BMPR1A, CDH1, CHEK2, EPCAM (MLPA), GALNT12, GREM1, MLH1 (MLPA), MSH2 (MLPA), MSH3, MSH6 (MLPA), MUTYH, NTHL1, PMS2 (MLPA) , POLD1, POLE, PTEN, RNF43, RPS20, SMAD4, STK11, TP53. Panel NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) + 6 MLPA.


The study that we currently offer, 5475-COLONPLUS (16 genes panel + 6 genes genes MLPA) NGS/MLPA will be unavailable starting Friday, June 18.


In the case that the gene to be studied is not found in any of these panels, we advise consulting the laboratory about the possibility of including it.


Thank you for the trust placed in our laboratory, we remain at your disposal for any questions or doubts you may wish to adress

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