Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Reference values Modification

Test code: Change applies to all Specific IgG4 Antibodies tests

Effective update from 28/01/2022


Normals and atopics not treated : Less than 5 mg/L
Atopics treated : 5.5-40 mg/L
Hypersensibilization response must be monotorized and compared with sample before treatment.
The specific IgG4 levels are in most cases, increased from 2 to 20 times after treatment.
In case of getting different results, we have to do re-evaluation of the specific immunotherapy.
There are no established values ​​for the interpretation of the test. However, an increase in IgG during immunological therapy with decreased sensitivity to the allergen indicates good therapeutic response.         

   Find the record of the test by clicking here

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