Tuesday, December 13, 2022


Method and Reference values Modification

Test code: 3710
Nemonic code: MEFR

Effective update from 27/12/2022


      Method: Radioimmunoassay

      Reference Values:
      Metanephrin : Less than 65 pg/mL
      Normetanephrin: Less than 196 pg/mL
      Clonidine suppression test: Concentrations of plasma noradrenaline < 50% of baseline (or plasma normetanephrine < 60% of baseline) discard a pheochromocytoma. *  <50 a="" baseline="" discard="" normetanephrine="" of="" or="" pheochromocytoma.="" plasma="" span="">

      * GUÍA DE PRUEBAS FUNCIONALES EN EL LABORATORIO CLÍNICO - Sociedad Española de Bioquímica Clínica y Patología Molecular
      Version of Test: 19

      Method: Enzyme immunoassay

      Reference Values:
      Metanephrin : Less than 100 pg/mL
      Normetanephrin: Less than 216 pg/mL        

      Version of Test: 20

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