Friday, May 5, 2023



Code, method, sample, amino acid pattern and reference values modification

Dear colleagues,


Next Monday, May 15th, the blood amino acid profile will be updated in our laboratory.

This update involves an improvement in the method that is carried out, modifying the required sample, as well as the pattern of reported amino acids with the same delivery term.

This update brings the following changes:

  •           Code: the code to request is 9838 (AASM mnemonic code). The current profile code 5326 (AASG mnemonic code) will be removed.
  •           Method: It will be carried out by LC-MS/MS, given its versatility, selectivity and high sensitivity, factors that confer unequivocal identification of the compounds analyzed and, therefore, 99.9% reliability.
  •          Sample: In the new profile, the required sample will be frozen EDTA-plasma, with an optimal volume of 0.5 mL and stability for -200C for 1 month.
  •         Amino acid pattern: They are detailed in the following table with their respective reference values ​​for each one.

Likewise, the amino acids detailed below are removed individually, being included in the new amino acid profile 9838:


   5487- Arginine, serum                  (mnemonic code AS08)

   5543- Taurine, serum                    (mnemonic code AS19)

   3287- Citrulline, serum                 (mnemonic code CITRUP)

   2239- Cystine, serum                    (mnemonic code CIS)

   4007- Tyrosine, serum                  (mnemonic code TYRSCG)
                4005- Phenylalanine, serum         (mnemonic code PHESCG)

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