Monday, September 18, 2023


Reference values Modification

Test code: 2822
Nemonic code: YOOR 

Effective update from 02/10/2023


Less or equal than 460 µg/24 h
      * Fuente: PNT, Insert

Version of Test: 14

There are not reference values for Iodine in Urine 24H.

Interpretative values in urination urine (Assessment of the nutritional status of iodine)*

General population:

Iodine concentration in urine (µg/L) 

Iodine nutritional status

Less than 20

Severe iodine deficiency

20 - 49 

Moderate iodine deficiency

50 - 99 

Mild iodine deficiency

100 - 199

Adequate iodine nutrition

200 - 299

May pose a slight risk of more than adequate iodine intake in these populations

Greater than or equal to 300

Risk of adverse health consequences 

*WHO. Iodine concentrations in urine to establish the nutritional status of iodine in populations. Nutritional Information System on Vitamins and Minerals. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2014.    
Version of Test: 15

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