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Sample (Only National), Method, Reference values and Delivery Time Modification

Test code: 4169
Mnemonic code: FLUCO

Effective update from 21/05/2024



 Sample (Only National): Frozen Serum

 Method: High Performance Liquid Chromatography

 Reference Values:
 - Oral administration:
 An indicative serum concentration of the order of 5, 8, and
10 mg/L respectively are obtained after oral administration of 200, 300, and 400 mg of Fluconazole per day
 (In an state of equilibium, i.e. at least 5 days after the start or modification of treatment).
 - IV administration:
  A maximum serum concentration of 2,5 mg/l is obtained after IV administration of 100 mg of Fluconazole in a single dose.
 LOD : 0.5 mg/L
 LOQ : 0.5 mg/L
 *Source: PNT, Insert

 Delivery term: 12 days

 Version of Test: 7

 Sample (Only National): Refrigerated serum (7 days stability)(*)
 (*)Serum Tube without separating gel 

 Method: Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)

 Reference Values:
 Therapeutic range: 2 - 15 mg/L
 Toxicity: Greater than 20 mg/L
 *Source:Schulz, A. Schmoldt, H.  Andresen-Streichert, S. Iwersen-Bergmann. Revisited: Therapeutic and toxic blood concentrations of more than 1,100 drugs and other xenobiotics. Critical Care 2020   

 Delivery term: 6 days

 Version of Test: 8

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