Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lactose intolerance (lactase deficiency) (LCT) sequencing, whole blood

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Test Code: 4923

Whole blood - EDTA (5 ml)
Sequencing Method
Set Up Days:
Delivery term:
45 days
Congenital lactase deficiency, also called congenital alactasia, is a disorder in which infants are unable to break down lactose in breast milk or formula. This form of lactose intolerance results in severe diarrhea. If affected infants are not given a lactose-free infant formula, they may develop severe dehydration and weight loss. Lactose intolerance in infancy resulting from congenital lactase deficiency is a rare disorder. Lactose intolerance in infants (congenital lactase deficiency) is caused by mutations in the LCT gene. The type of lactose intolerance that occurs in infants (congenital lactase deficiency) is inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern.

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