Monday, January 16, 2017


 Sample collection Modification

Test code: 3147

Effective update from 16/01/2017



 Three tubes: 

 - Grey tube (control) 
 - Red tube (TB antigens)
 - Purple tube (mitogen)

Sample tubes: Test-specific tubes that contain test- specific reagents.
4 tubes are needed: 

     Quantiferon TB1: green cap
     Quantiferon TB2: yellow cap
     Quantiferon Nil: grey cap
     Quantiferon Mitogen: purple cap

Tubes must be kept at room temperature (between 4 and 25ºC). Gently mix the tube content before blood drawing. 

1- Collect 1mL of blood by venipuncture directly into each of the 4 blood collection tubes. The black mark on the side of the tubes indicates the 1mL fill volume. Ensure that the correct volume is drawn
2-  Immediately after filling tubes, shake them ten (10) times just firmly enough to ensure the entire inner surface of the tube is coated with blood to solubilize the tube content
3-  Mark or label tubes taking care of not impairing the content visibility
4-  Incubate tubes at 37ºC +/- 1, for 16-24h 
5-  Centrifuge at 2.000-3.000 g for 15 min
6-  Gently separate plasma 
     7-  Test samples or keep plasma (up to 28 days at 2-8ºC or longer periods at temperatures equal or under -20ºC)     

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