Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Change of containers for the assessment of trace metals in blood and serum

We would like to inform you that from 17th July we are going to proceed change container for the assessment of metals in total blood and serum. The new container must be a tube for trace element testing for the assessment of the following metals:

Blood                                        Serum
Arsenic (3003)                           Aluminium (275)
Bismuth (6002)                          Boron (4270)
Cadmium (299)                          Zinc (421) 
Zinc (3526)                                Cobalt (3410)
Copper (3538)                            Copper (315)
Cobalt (6003)                             Chrome (330) 
Strontium (4455)                        Manganesium (380)
Magnesium (3549)                      Molybdenum (3162)
Manganese (6007)                      Nickel (2049)
Mercury (381)                            Selenium (2467)     
Lead (396)                                 Vanadium (3356)
Tin (6005)                                 Barium (5178)
                                                Berylium (5582)          
                                                Silver (3214)

Samples for the assessment of these metals must be in a container for trace elements, references 017782 (total blood) or 015064 (serum). Samples received in a container different from the above indicated will not be accepted and we will create INCIDENCE message of Incorrect Container.

For total blood tests, reference 017782 must be used, it’s a 6 mL pastic K2EDTA Trace Element tube with Royal Blue cap and a purple vertical line. K2EDTA is indicated in the tube.

For serum tests, reference 015064 must be used, it’s a 6 mL pastic Trace Element tube with Royal Blue cap and a pink vertical line.

Please do not hide the vertical coloured line with the bar code label as far as possible.  

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information

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