Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Legionella pneumophilla DNA, biological sample

Reference values, Method and Delivery Time Modification

Test code: 2670

Effective update from 15/05/2019


      Method: Nested PCR  

      Not detected.
      DNA was extracted from received sample, by automatic system MagNA Pure (Roche Diagnostics).
      Amplification was performed by Real-Time PCR in Lightcycler (PrimerDesign genesig kit for Legionella (all species) Genomes).
      Amplification of the Factor V gene has been carried out as an extraction and amplification control.
      The results of this test are only for the tested sample.
      Delivery term: 15 days
      Version of Test: 10

     Method: Real-Time PCR
     Not detected.    
     Delivery term: 8 days
     Version of Test: 11

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