Friday, December 20, 2019

Christmas - New year's Festivity 

Dear valued colleagues and customers,

Coming from previous communication (link here) regarding Christmas bank holidays restrictions, we would like to add the following information:

We have just received an important notification from the Local Pharmacy Office (needed for document validation/stamping, legally required):

Pharmacy office will NOT be operational on December 24th and 31st. Therefore, documentary inspection of shipments arriving on 24th and 31th must be done on December 23th and 27th respectively. We kindly ask you to send us the documentation for these committed shipments before December 23th and 27th 8:00AM (Spanish time).

Customs clearance is not affected by this restriction which means that we can accept shipments on December 24th and 31st as long as the documentary inspection has been previously done. 

The samples' reception will be normalized after these days.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we are at your disposal for any consultation.

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