Monday, March 16, 2020

Easter Festivity

Notice: Easter Festivity

Dear valued colleagues and customers,

Please kindly note the following restrictions at the central laboratory of Barcelona.

Be informed of the following additional restrictions aimed at preserving the stability of samples during these days.

Non-acceptance days
(both inclusive)
Functional Study of Gut Microbiota
April 8th- 13th
Prenatal Extended Panel Test
April 9th- 13th
Neobona Test
April 10th-13th
Telomeric Length Test
April 9th - 13th

After this period, the reception of samples will be normalized to the days established for these tests.
There may be changes in the processing dates of some tests, respecting the maximum delivery deadline.

The delivery time is maintained in those test that, due to their characteristics, require urgent processing.

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