Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Basic profile of lymphocyte typing

Erased test (National only)

Dear collaborators,

We inform you that as of next Friday, April 8th, the Basic Lymphocyte Typing Profile test (4965-PLIN) will be removed from our catalog, replacing it with the Extended Lymphocyte Immunophenotype Study profile (9556-EAIL). This new profile provides a series of advantages over the previous one, since it offers a more complete study of the different T4 and T8 lymphocyte subpopulations.
In addition, the report incorporates the graphical representation of the evaluated populations.

It is therefore necessary, in order for the report to be generated correctly in the event that the patient is requested additional tests, to request it with an individual and independent request (bar code).

Likewise, this profile is not covered by a mutual insurance company.

Test code: 
4965 - Basic profile of lymphocyte typing
Nemonic code: PLIN


9556 - Extended study of lymphocyte immunophenotyping
Nemonic code: EAIL

Effective update from 08/04/2022

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