Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Extended study of lymphocyte immunophenotyping

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Test Code: 9556

Whole blood EDTA (minimum 10 ml)
Flow cytometry
Set Up Days:
Delivery term:
7 days
The phenotypic and quantitative characterization of lymphocyte populations by flow cytometry provides great information on the state of the patient's immune system at a given time. For this reason, it constitutes a useful tool for the diagnosis of primary/secondary immunodeficiencies and monitoring of the patient under treatment. Specifically, this study includes the analysis of the following populations and surface markers: T lymphocytes (CD3+) B lymphocytes (CD19+) T lymphocytes CD3 activated (CD3+DR+) B lymphocytes (CD19+CD5+) Truly NK lymphocytes (CD3-CD56+CD16+CD94+) T lymphocytes type LGL (NKT; CD3+ CD56+) T lymphocytes CD8 activated (CD8+DR+)

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