Wednesday, June 22, 2022


Reference values and Delivery Time Modification

Test code: 8317
Nemonic code: BDGLUS

Effective update from 27/06/2022


      Negative : Less than 70 pg/mL
      Grey zone: 70 - 95 pg/mL
      Positive : Greater than 95 pg/mL
      This technique does not detect Cryptococcus, Zygomycetes or Blastomyces dermatitidis.

      Delivery term: 17 days
      Version of Test: 13

      Negative : Less than 60 pg/mL
      Grey zone: 60 - 79 pg/mL
      Positive : Greater or equal to 80 pg/mL

      This method may not detect fungi of the genus Cryptococcus, infections by fungi of the order Mucorales, or the yeast stage of Blastomyces derrmatidis.    
      Delivery term: 9 days
      Version of Test: 14

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