Wednesday, September 21, 2022


Errata:Result Format, Reference values and Delivery Time Modification

Test code: 7920
Nemonic code: QCPH

Effective update from 23/09/2022

Errata in R6. The correct information are marked in bold. 


Result format:

R1: Uroporphyrins
R2: Protoporphyrins
R3: Heptacarboxylporphyrins
R4: Corpoporphyrins

Reference Values:
Uroporphyrins: Less than 1.2 µg/g feces
Protoporphyrins: Less than 8.0 µg/g feces
Heptacarboxylporphyrins: Less than 0.5 µg/g feces
Corpoporphyrins: Less than 5.0 µg/g feces

Delivery Term: 9 days
Version of Test: 23
Result format:

R1: Uroporphyrins
R2: Heptacarboxylporphyrins
R3: Hexacarboxylporphyrins
R4: Pentacarboxylporphyrins
R5: Copoporphyrins I
R6: Copoporphyrins III

Reference values:

Uroporphyrins: Less than 5.0 µg/g feces
Heptacarboxylporphyrins: Less than 0.8 µg/g feces
Hexacarboxylporphyrins: Less than 0.7 µg/g feces
Pentacarboxylporphyrins: Less than 0.6 µg/g feces
Coporphyrin I: Less than 8.7 µg/g feces
Coporphyrin III: Less than 8.0 µg/g feces

Delivery Term: 10 days
Version of Test: 24

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