Monday, April 3, 2023


Method and Reference values  Modification

Test code: 3183
Nemonic code: BROM

Effective update from 03/04/2023


Method: Ion selective electrode

Reference Values:

      THERAPEUTIC LEVELS : 5 - 50 mg/L
      TOXIC LEVELS : 700 - 4100 mg/L
      *Source: Committee on Updating of Occupational Exposure Limits, a committee of the Health Council of the Netherlands

      Version of Test: 4

Method: Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)    
Reference Values:

   Indicative biological value (BLW, methyl bromide): <12 mg/L
Therapeutic values: 75-100 mg/L
Toxic values: 500-1500 mg/L

   * Source: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft: List of MAK and BAT values ??2021 M. Schulz, A. Schmoldt, H. Andresen-Streichert, S. Iwersen-Bergmann. Revisited: Therapeutic and toxic blood concentrations of more than 1,100 drugs and other xenobiotics. Critical Care 2020         

      Version of Test: 5

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