Friday, April 14, 2023


Reference values and Result Format Modification

Test code: 2861
Nemonic code: SULF

Effective update from 17/04/2023


      R1: Glibenclamide: Negative
      R2: Gliclazide : Negative
      R3: Glimepiride : Negative
      R4: Gliquidone : Negative
      R5: Glipizide : Negative
      R6: Tolbutamide : Negative
      *The absence of these sulfonylureas, does not discard the presence of other sulfonylureas or other hypoglycemic drugs.
      Version of Test: 6

      R1: Not detected*   

      Version of Test: 7

*In case of a positive result, the Sulfonylurea detected will be reported: CHLORPROPAMIDE, GLIBENCLAMIDE, TOLBUTAMIDE, ACETOHEXAMIDE, GLIPIZIDE, GLICLAZIDE.


   Find the record of the test by clicking here

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