Friday, October 6, 2023


Nemonic, sample and Reference values Modification

Test code: 382
Previous mnemonic code: HGOR
New mnemonic code: MOIJ

Effective update from 16/10/2023



  Sample: Last miction working day Urine   

  Reference Values      
  After 16 hours without exposure): Less than 30 µg/g creatinine.
  *This means after four or five consecutive days of work with exposure, as soon as possible after the end of the last day, due to the biological indicators are removed with half-lives greater than five hours. These indicators are accumulated in the body during the work week, therefore the sampling time is critical in relation to previous exhibitions.
  * Source: Bibliography
      Version of Test: 17

  Sample: First miction working day Urine

  Reference Values
  Exposure to elemental mercury and inorganic compounds.
  VLB (INSHT 2023): Less than 30 µg/g creatinine.
  LoQ: 5 µg/L
  VLB (ACGIH 2023): Less than 20 µg/g creatinine    
  * Source: Límites de Exposición Profesional para Agentes Químicos en España, 2023 (INSHT) 

    Version of Test: 18

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