Friday, April 12, 2024


Units and Reference values Modification

Test code: 1843
Mnemonic code: GA

Effective update from 22/04/2024


      Units: nmol/mL 

      Reference Values:
      Adults: Less 120 nmol/ml
      Lactating children: Less 300 nmol/mL
      LoQ: 5 nmol/mL
      For values below the reference values no increase in plasma galactose is detected. If the patient maintains a diet with normal galactose content, with a normal intake of milk, the result rules out that his pathology is due to galactosemia.
      Version of Test: 15

     Units: μmol/L   
     Reference Values:
     Up to 3 months     : Less than 300 μmol/L
     Older than 3 months: Less than 175 μmol/L



      Version of Test: 16

   Find the record of the test by clicking here

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