Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Salicilyc Acid, Serum

Description, Units and Reference Modification

Test code: 256
Mnemònic code: AASA

Effective update from 29/04/2024


       Description: Salicilyc Acid, Serum

       Units: µg/mL 

       Reference Values
       THERAPEUTIC LEVEL (Anestesia-Analgesic): 20-100 µg/mL
      (Antiinflamatory) : 100-300 µg/mL
      TOXIC LEVEL: Greater than 300 µg/mL
      * Fuente: PNT, Insert

      Version of Test: 7


      Units: mg/L

      Reference Values:
      Therapeutic range: 20 - 200 mg/L
      Toxicity: Greater than 300        *Source: Schulz, A. Schmoldt, H. Andresen-Streichert, S. Iwersen-Bergmann. Revisited: Therapeutic and toxic blood concentrations of more than 1,100 drugs and other xenobiotics. Critical Care 2020 
      Version of Test: 8

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