Monday, June 25, 2018

Norovirus RNA, biological sample

Sample, Delivery Time and Reference Values Modification

Test code: 4457

Effective update from 25/06/2018

For vomitus samples
, request 7882 test


     Sample: BIOLOGICAL FLUID   

     METHODS: RNA extraction of the submitted
     sample. Amplification of the gene encoding
     the viral RNA polymerase Calicivirus 
     by RT-PCR. This study detects the
     following Calicivirus, producers of
     gastroenteritis: NLVs (Norwalk-like
     virus) genogroup I (Norwalk, Southampton,

     Desert Shield, Cruise ship), genogroup II
     (Snow Mountain, Hawaii, Mexico,
     Toronto-Lordsdale, Grimsby, Gwynedd, 

     White riber) and SLVs (Sapporo-like
     viruses) (Sapporo, Manchester, Parkville,

     Delivery term: 6 days
   Sample: STOOL



     Delivery term: 4 days

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