Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Reference values, Sample, Units and, Delivery Time Modification

Test code: 2999

Effective update from 18/02/2019


 Sample type

  NACIONAL        : Refrigerated serum
  TRASNOCEANIC   : Frozen serum

 Units            : ng/mL

 Reference Values

Negative     : Less than    10.0 ng/mL
Indeterminate:       10.0 - 12.5 ng/mL
Positive     : Greater than 12.5 ng/mL
       Delivery term: 7 days

 Sample type
  NATIONAL        : Frozen serum
  TRASNOCEANIC    : Frozen serum

 Units            : pg/mL

 Reference Values     
  Less than  1622 pg/ml      
       Delivery term: 12 days

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