Monday, January 13, 2020

Trypanosoma cruzi (Chagas Disease) DNA, tissue

Reference values and Method Modification

Test code: 3962

Effective update from 13/01/2020

This test is no longer reported as an attached report.



  Method: Polymerase chain reaction 


      Version of Test: 12

Not detected    

Method: Real-Time PCR   
Additional information  

Methodology used:
automatic DNA extraction from paraffin block, by MagNA Pure (Roche Diagnostic)

Qualitative RealTime-PCR analysis of Trypanosoma cruzi (PrimerDesign ™ Genesig Standard Kit Trypanosoma cruzi) in LightCycler v2.0 from Roche Diagnostic. The primers of this kit are specific for Trypanosoma cruzi and do not detect other species of Trypanosoma.

Amplification of a fragment of the PV as internal control of extraction and amplification.

      Version of Test: 13

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