Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Mycobacterium spp DNA Identification, biological sample

Erased test

Test code: 7954
Nemonic Code: IDMIC

Effective update from 30/08/2022

Dear colleagues and collaborators,
We inform you that, due to the discontinuation of a reagent by our supplier, Mycobacterium spp identification (Code 7954) is being temporarily discontinued, being replaced by Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and resistance DNA test (Code 8006).
The DNA Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex test is used to rule out infection by M.tuberculosis with the added advantage of also detecting resistance to isoniazid and rifampin.
In the event that detection of atypical mycobacteria is requested, common culture for mycobacteria detection is proposed as an alternative with the identification of positives and, if necessary, an antibiogram would be performed. For this test, a separate sample is needed, since the transport and storage conditions are not the same for culture and for molecular biology.

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