Friday, August 12, 2022

Porphobilinogen deaminase (erythrocytes), whole blood

Methodology, Reference values and Delivery time Modification

Test code: 5114
Nemonic code: PORDES

Effective update from 16/08/2022


Method: Spectrophotometry 
Limits Reference:
Normal activity:Greater than 66 pmol/mg protein/30 minutes

Boundary Line:57-66 pmol/mg protein/30 minutes

Decreased activity:Less than 57 pmol/mg protein/30 minutes
Delivery term: 20 days
Version of Test: 5

Method: Flow Injection Analysis (FIA)         
Units: nmol/s/L 

Reference Values:

7.30 - 15.80 nmol/s/L

Delivery term: 10 days          
Version of Test: 6

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