Wednesday, March 29, 2023

NICKEL, URINE (µg/g creatinine)

Reference values Modification

Test code: 550
Nemonic code: NIQO

Effective update from 11/04/2023


      No occupational exposure:
      Less than 2 µg/g creatinine.
      Occupational exposure:
      BEI: Less than 30 µg/g creatinine.
      * Fuente: PNT, Insert
      Version of Test: 11

BEI (ACGIH 2022): after exposure to elemental Nickel and insoluble compounds: 5 µg/L

BEI (ACGIH 2022): after exposure to insoluble compounds: 30 µg/L

   *B.E.I. - Biological Exposure Index.        

   Version of Test: 12

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