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Reference values Modification

Test code: 3063
Mnemonic code: PCAL

Effective update from 15/07/2024


      0- 6 hours : 2.0 ng/mL
      6 to 12 hors : 8.0 ng/mL
      12 to 18 hours: 15.0 ng/mL
      18-30 hours : 21.0 ng/mL
      30-36 hours : 15.0 ng/mL
      36-42 hours : 8.0 ng/mL
      42-48 hours : 2.0 ng/mL
      From 48 hours and adults: up to 0.05 ng/mL
      Interpretation of results:
      Differential diagnosis of lower respiratory tract infection:
      Less than 0.1 Indicates the absence of a bacterial infection.
      0.1 - 0.24 Bacterial infection is unlikely.
      0.25 - 0.49 There may be a bacterial infection.
      Greater than or equal to 0.5 Suggests the presence of a bacterial infection.
      Diagnosis of disseminated bacterial infection / septicemia
      Less than 0.05: Healthy Individuals
      0.06 - 0.5: It is unlikely that there is a disseminated infection (septicemia).
      0.5 - 1.9: There may be a disseminated infection
      2 - 9.99: A disseminated infection (septicemia) is likely.
      Equal to or greater than 10 Significant disseminated inflammatory response. almost exclusively due to severe bacterial septicemia or septic shock.
      * Fuente: PNT, Insert
      Version of Test: 12

In case of suspected infection/sepsis:
- Less than 0.5 ng/mL represents a low risk of severe sepsis and/or septic shock.
- More than 2 ng/mL represents a high risk of severe sepsis and/or septic shock.
- Procalcitonin (PCT) concentrations between 0.5 and 2.0 ng/mL should be interpreted considering the patient's medical history. In these cases, it is recommended to reassess PCT within 6–24 hours.
- It should be noted that concentrations less than 0.5 ng/mL do not rule out an infection, as low concentrations can appear in some localized infections (without the presence of systemic signs). Likewise, they can also reflect a generalized infection in its very early stages (less than 6 hours since onset). Conversely, although rare, an increase in PCT can also appear without any infection.

In healthy individuals, PCT is usually not detectable.

In neonates, specific reference limits should be considered until the third day of life (0-6 hours: 2.0 ng/mL, 6-12 hours: 8.0 ng/mL, 12-18 hours: 15.0 ng/mL, 18-30 hours: 21.0 ng/mL, 30-36 hours: 15.0 ng/mL, 36-42 hours: 8.0 ng/mL, 42-48 hours: 2.0 ng/mL). 

*Source: Insert

      Version of Test: 13

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