Wednesday, March 30, 2022


Test Reactivated

Test code: 380/ 275
Nemonic code: MN / ALU
Effective update from 01/04/2022

Dear collegues and collaborators,

As we have previously informed you, due to problems arising from the manufacturing process of metal-free serum tubes from the commercial company VACUTEST, we were forced to discontinue the determinations of Aluminum (ALU) and Manganese (MN) upon detecting that, in certain manufacturing batches, the concentration of some of the trace elements present in them was higher than the permitted concentration.

As a temporary alternative to these tubes, the metal-free tube (Monovette Trace Metal Analysis) will be used, with reference 6000069082.
Said tube must be used exclusively for determinations of Aluminum and Manganese in serum. The tests will be reactivated from next April 1.
In order to properly manage the stock of these tubes, and since it is a temporary alternative, the request for these tubes must be made to the email or

The quantity to be requested must be made by units, only counting on the demand that will be produced in the next month of April (quantities for stock greater than 50 units will not be served).

For the rest of the metals in serum, the same VACUTEST tube used to date should continue to be used, with reference 6000049270.

We remain at your disposal for any clarification.

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