Wednesday, March 16, 2022


Reference values Modification

Test code: 1019
Nemonic code: PTHI 

Effective update from 21/03/2022

Dear collegues and collaborators,

With the purpose of always providing the best service and quality for our clients, one of the elements of value that Synlab offers is innovation and technological renewal, in order to have the best option according to the state of the art. In this sense, the main platform for immunochemical techniques has recently changed to the Alinity system (Abbott).

Within the validation process we have reviewed the reference intervals of different magnitudes. Special mention deserves the case of parathyroid hormone (PTH), a fundamental parameter in alterations of mineral homeostasis and study of altered calcium concentrations.

The analytical determination of PTH is characterized by a great variability between the different commercial methodologies (reagents). This fact, especially important among 2nd generation methods, can go unnoticed because the reference intervals provided by the different providers are practically superimposable. However, it can be a potential source of error in the diagnosis, especially when the determination methodology is changed and/or in pathologies that present high circulating levels of PTH.

For this reason and to offer our clients the best estimate of the reference values for PTH, at Synlab we have produced the reference intervals for our population and with our methodology.

For its production, samples of 500 presumably healthy people from health check-ups and with all the parameters analyzed within the reference intervals have been used.

The calculation has been carried out following the protocol recommended by the CLSI C28-A3, discarding outliers and with the Box-Cox transformation to obtain a Gaussian distribution. 
The results obtained for the central 95% of the population are:


  15 - 68.3 pg/mL

     Version of Test: 8

  Lower limit 15.1 pg/mL (14.0-16.3 IC 90%)

  Upper limit 90.9 pg/mL (87.3-94.9 IC 90%)

  Population median 43.1 pg/mL

      Version of Test: 9

   Find the record of the test by clicking here

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