Thursday, July 13, 2023


Reference values Modification, Delivery time, Method and Result format.

Test code: 7001
Mnemonic code: CANCA

Effective update from 24/07/2023

In the summary of changes published last Friday, July 14, the change in the reference values ​​for the CALCIUM CHANNELS ANTIBODIES, SERUM – 7001 (CANCA) test was reported, effective this Monday, 24/07.

The new proposed values ​​correspond to cut-off values ​​provided by the manufacturer and not to actual reference values, as reported.

Thus, in the results report, the new values ​​that are recorded do so as a discriminant value and not as a reference value.



Reference Values:        
Less or equal than 40 pmol/L

Delivery time: 8 days

Method: Radioimmunoprecipitation assay 
Result Format:
R1: Result (pmol/L)
Version of Test: 7

 Negative: Less than or equal to 30 pmol/L
 Positive: Greater than 30 pmol/L

Antibodies to calcium channels of the P/Q type are detected in more than 90% of cases of Lambert-Eato syndrome.

Delivery time: 6 days
Metdhod: Radioimmunoassay   

Result Format 
R1: Interpretation
R2: Result (pmol/L)
Version of Test: 8


   Find the record of the test by clicking here

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